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Newborn enrollment for children younger than 1 year of age is open through midnight CT on July 31. Prices are subject to change when the next enrollment period begins Sept. 1.

Tips & Tools

It’s a Fact: College Costs Are Outpacing Inflation

The four-year average resident tuition and required fees for Texas public universities in 2011 is $26,1201. And it will, no doubt, cost more by the time your Benficiary:  The person designated by the Purchaser under a Prepaid Tuition Contract as the person for whom undergraduate tuition and required fees will be paid to an Eligible Educational Institution when authorized by the Purchaser. is ready to attend college. While college may be expensive, it also may be one of the best investments you can make in a child’s future.

Use our resources and plan ahead.

You can avoid paying rising tuition and required fee costs at Texas public colleges and universities with the Texas Tuition Promise Fund.

Our tips and tools can put you and your college-bound child on track for ensuring that you can pay for tomorrow’s college tuition at today’s current costs.

Cover all the angles of saving and planning for college with these useful resources on saving for college:

1 Source of data: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.