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The Texas Tuition Promise Fund® is offering virtual learning opportunities about our plan. Join us for our next webinar or schedule a virtual presentation by contacting our outreach team.


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It’s easy to open a Texas Tuition Promise Fund account. And, the sooner you start, the more affordable a college education can be.

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Be sure to read the Plan Description and Master Agreement carefully. It outlines the risks and expenses, including fees, associated with establishing an account in the Plan.

Before enrolling in the Plan, you must decide what is right for you, your child – and your budget. Learn more about Plan Basics

The general enrollment period open to the public ends on February 28 (February 29 in leap years). However, NewbornsNewborns
For Beneficiaries under one year of age on the date of enrollment in the Plan, the enrollment period is extended through July 31.
may be enrolled through July 31.

Important Dates
9/1-2/28 (2/29 in Leap Years) Enrollment Period
For beneficiaries under one year of age at the time of enrollment in the Plan, the enrollment period is extended through July 31.
9/1-8/31 Sales Period
The current Tuition UnitsTuition Units
Tuition Units are the unit of measure used to purchase prepaid tuition. Generally, one unit represents one percent of the cost of tuition and required fees for 30 semester hours at the school that most closely matches the unit’s pricing structure.
price is valid for this period for anyone with an established account. See the current Pricing Schedule and Redemption Guide here.
5/1 Initial Payment Due Date

You can get answers to any questions or order an enrollment kit by calling us at 1.800.445.GRAD (4723), option #5.

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