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Enrollment is now closed.

Newborn enrollment for children younger than 1 year of age is open through midnight CT on July 31. Prices are subject to change when the next enrollment period begins Sept. 1.


Tailor your purchase around what you can afford with the three payment options. The purchase price is based on the actual cost of tuition and required fees at Texas public colleges and universities. Installment plans include an interest component. There is a one-time $25 administrative fee charged for all plan types when the account is established. There is no administrative fee for additional accounts established in the Plan by the same Purchaser for the same Beneficiary. A minimum of one type of any unit must be purchased to establish an account.

  1. Lump Sum

    Purchase a block of 25 or more Tuition Units:  Tuition Units are the unit of measure used to purchase prepaid tuition. Generally, one unit represents one percent of the cost of tuition and required fees for 30 semester hours at the school that most closely matches the unit’s pricing structure. at the price in effect at the time of payment.

  2. Installment

    The cost of your Tuition Units will be locked in at a price that is the current sales price plus an annual interest component.

    Choose Payment Frequency

    • Monthly payments
    • Annual payments

    Select Payment Contract Length

    • 5 years
    • 10 years
    • Number of years between the Beneficiary’s age at enrollment in the Plan and projected high school graduation date

    Contracts must be paid in full in order to redeem Tuition Units. You may change to another payment plan at any time or pay a greater amount on an accelerated basis without penalty.

  3. Pay-As-You-Go

    Sign up for automatic withdrawal for monthly Pay-As-You-Go or pay by check, money order or cashier’s check.

    Maintain maximum payment flexibility:

    • Pay the administrative fee and purchase as little as one Tuition Unit of any type to establish a plan. Buy Tuition Units whenever you want.
    • After the account is established, additional payments may be as little as $15.

    While Pay-As-You-Go offers the flexibility to purchase Tuition Units on your schedule, the price will be based on the Tuition Unit price in effect when your payment is received, and will change from sales period to sales period.

    Please keep in mind that for any payment option you choose, there is a three-year holding period before any units can be redeemed and the Tuition Units must be paid in full prior to redemption.