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Enrollment is now closed.

Newborn enrollment for children younger than 1 year of age is open through midnight CT on July 31. Prices are subject to change when the next enrollment period begins Sept. 1.

Ready to Give Contribution Form

EXISTING ACCOUNT OWNERS: If you are already a Texas Tuition Promise Fund account owner with a Pay-As-You-Go account or an Installment account that is not paid in full, please send this form to friends and family when they inquire about gift ideas for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions.

FOR GIFT GIVERS: You can contribute to an existing Texas Tuition Promise Fund if you have the account number and the account is not paid in full. Or, if you are not gifting to an existing Texas Tuition Promise Fund (“TTPF”) account, you can open a new account for the beneficiary by submitting this contribution form after you have completed an Enrollment Application by selecting the Enroll Now button. Please note that TTPF accounts can be opened only during specific enrollment periods.

For more information, please see Essential Enrollment Information.